Humans: The most diverse race in the known world. If one is to believe the scholars there were two even greater and bountiful human empires before the one currently. Now the humans are fractured into several kingdoms covering the world. Each kingdom believing that they too could be the third empire that legend will be written about. Distrust, alliances and betrayal are all conman in the human kingdoms but things are not all dark. There are many kingdoms that still look out for their people, and
let us not forget that when there is great oppression there is always a great hero waiting to be born.

Halflings: They have been assimilated into the human race, while not as common as humans they can
still be found in every walk of life.

Elves: The entire elven culture it built along the prospect of seeing and experiencing as much as the world as possible before the on set of old age. They are nomadic people now, rarely staying in one place for long. Many of the elven districts in human cities are nothing more then long houses where an elf can rest and recuperate for the journeys ahead. The reason why they wish to see so much of the world is because when they reach a certain age they are required to come back to their home land. A land that borders on the gateway to the positive energy plain. A place that contains so much life that any other living thing will be overwhelmed by the sheer majesty and soon pass away.

Dwarves: The most dower and resolute of all the races. Once a dwarf has set his feet there will be no moving him. The word of a dwarf is often thought better then even the most strongest of contracts. Their race currently does not leave their mountainous holds but that is more out of a long sense of duty.

In their infancy the dwarfish race dug deep into the mountains seeking the riches and power. Every generation they excavated more until they stumbled upon a rock that would drain the very life from all those that it touched. Unfortunately, the reason the rocks and ore had such qualities was because it bordered the negative energy plane. The more they dug the more of that vile energy escaped into the world. Now they stay, and guard against the shadows that wish to consume the life energy of the world.

Gnomes: Gnomes are not from this plane of existence. They arrived here through the gate of the
shadow realm, unearthed in almost perfect timing by the dwarfish. In a sense, they are the dwarfish punishment for digging to deep and too greedily. Despite millennia on this world gnomes’ minds often seem disjointed and chaotic, more akin to the flighty and mischievous intellects of certain capricious fey then the plodding thought processes of humans.


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