Alignment Points

Alignment points can be thought of as flavored RP points. These are earned by garnering a Lunar Gods attention by doing a great act or by doing an act not within the characters nature but within the realm of a new gods. Example: An otherwise good character slaughtering an innocent without second thoughts.

These points when gained can only be used to increase skills, abilities, or feats that are within the Gods purview. In addition after a threshold of points earned a minor/major blessing from the Deity in question can be given to the player at the DM’s discretion.

Diety Minor Gift Major Gift Gained Through
Selene: +1 Perception, Natural Only Balance of Nature: 1/day heal back half of all damage done in a single round, must be declared before rolling Protection of the wild place
Aelnor: +1 Survival Cull the Herd: 1/day Deal Max damage to a single creature for 1 round Keeping the balance, destroying things that are unnatural
Jlyne: +1 Heal Blessing of the Undieing-1 Encounter/day Any heal spell cast can have any dice with the result of a 1, rerolled once. Gained through Great Acts of Good/Healing/Lawful Glory
Faenor: +1 to Knowledge Herd Immunity:1/day Rerolling any one save before the result is known Support/defense of civilization or the protection of knowledge
Desna: +1 Initiative Portent of the Stars: 1/day add 1d6 to any roll, declared before result is known Imparting freedom to a captured people, following a dream, great acts of foresight
Cayden: +1 Diplomacy/Bluff Drunken Declaration: 1/day Reroll with a Chr Mod bonus any act that directly follows an outlandish boast or accepting a dare. Refusal to compromise ideals, for the right reasons
Falei: +1 Spellcraft Power Overwhelming:1/day Apply any known Meta Magic feat to a spell without increaseing the level Gained through sacrificing for personal power.
Thrias: +2 CMD Stubborn as Stone: 1/day +20 to CMD to resist movement as long as feet are planted firmly on the ground Refusing to admit defeat, remaining honorable in the face of adveserary
Ussan: +1 Will vs Mind Control Maddening Strike: 1 encounter/day any weapon wielded by the character inflicts 1d6 to the wielder and 2d6 to the targeted creature Gained through giving into Madness or Rage
Adani: +1 Fortitude Vs Poison Cloak of Murder:1/day Can be treated as hidden without the use of magic or abilities on a successful Stealth Role Gained through killing for money or for pleasure.
Leivin: +1 Preform Silver Tongue: Reroll any bluff check, with bonus of x2 Cha Mod before the result is known Spinning a single lie that changes the events of a region
Aramon: Thrias: 1 Refusing to back down from the school
Adani: 1 Kill first Attitude
Selene: 1 Bringing his lion back from the brink of death, over and over
Ussan: 1 Losing it a bit.
Calla: Cayden: 5 Minor Cayden Gift. Naked Mud Wrestling/Saving Goblin Children/Parades/“Specialness” Scholarship fund/Random asshattery
Ussan: 1 Going mad over the death of a goblin child
Galdor: Falei: 2 Seeking Personal Power
Adani: 1 Slaughter of Goblin Women
Cayden: 1 Single handedly supporting every whorehouse
Moffat: Adani: 1 Killing the Innocent Nymph
Faenor: 1 Donating to Lost Causes/People of Sand Point
Cayden: 1 Persuing Morgon and the simple pleasures of life (Lunch, Second Lunch..)
Morgan: Jlyne: 1 Dieing to Protect the group
Ussan:1 Rage over Alderon’s Girl
Faenor: 1 Working to relocate and save the people of Thalron
Cayden: 1"cracking" giant jokes :)

This is only a small sample. There could be plenty more to be awarded if a successful case for them can be presented.

Alignment Points

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