The Land of Kinelthen

Sea Voyage of the Damned

We're on a boat motherfucker!

Deciding to visit Ladonia first the party booked passage heading into the sound despite stories of ships going missing. The first days were spent fairly frivolously amid much singing and attempts at water skiing behind the slow vessel. However soon the captain weighed anchor and refused to go further. A veritable graveyard of ships rocked at the base of a tower.

Well being the heroic types they are the party flew off to investigate. After being hosed fairly hard in the maze at the base of the tower (stupid shadows coming through walls to drain stats) they worked their way into the tower itself. Moffat was somehow teleported to the top of the tower where he met a succubus and some other woman who failed (to be enticed) to seduce him and he soon climbed to the very tip top using rope to climb back down and rejoin his companions who were working their way up.

Fought some ethereal marauders and then came to a devil and a unicorn frozen on the next floor. Unthawed the unicorn who said was teleporting and somehow ended up here 60 years ago. Smashed devil and continued up.

Upon detecting evil in the room Moffat proceeded to slaughter what was later found out to be a dryad wearing a mindflayer helmet. Succubs began sobbing over the corpse of her friend. Promised to revive the dryad at earliest possibility.

Also met a cleric of Jylne freed him to return to the boats as well, he buffed up the party and they went further up on their way.

At the top top top of the tower a naga guarded what was causing all these ship wrecks/teleportation problems. Turns out naga isn’t evil and once the party dispelled the compulsion holding here there she shattered the crystal. Promising to aid the party’s sorcerer in some way for his aid in the matter.

And now with a full and weird boat it is onward to Ladonia.


LordCerigo LostPixie

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