The Land of Kinelthen

Oh What a Feelin'...

killin' Mockmorian on the ceiling!

Victory! insert level complete music here

After many a trial and some tribulation the group finally managed to make their way through the underground lair and slay the boss at the end.

But first they had to battle their way through some kind of extraplanar thing guarding the door to Mockmorian’s library. They emerged a bit sun burned but it could have gone much worse. Inside they found what might be the most awesome thing in the world. A clockwork librarian. He’s doing some research for them and the group rested up before going on to face the corrupted giant.

As expected Mockmorian was a sneaky spellcasting bastard. Walking on the ceiling he stayed out of the paladin’s smiting range and would have dusted Galdor with a disintegrate spell had Morgan not taken the rather substantial damage for him. There were walls of fog, some reversed gravity and a buffed up giant, but in the end he fell.

That’s when the weird stuff happened. Karzog somehow came and inhabited the body giving predictions of … I don’t know doom and gloom and all that sterotypical stuff. He’ll be waiting in the city of spires and this is but a minor set back. Minor set back or not it is now time to regroup, reequip and get ready to travel on to Ladonia.


LordCerigo LostPixie

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