The Land of Kinelthen

My god's better than your god...

my god's better than yours.

Killed two trolls in weird hallway
Tattooed giant guy
Stone Giants in the mess hall
Pissed off Stone Giant cook w/ ladle
Was going to be a haunting but boys rocked their will saves!

I’ll be honest here I’m not sure in which order the events above happened I really should write these just after the session instead of over a month later but oh well!

The body count is sadly up for this session, we killed several stone giants, most of which were just hanging out in the mess hall. Moffat attempted to woo the cook with his compliments to her cooking, but instead managed to not only mortally insult her but all of her ancestors as well and she came out ladle swinging.

There was a haunting in the room showing Mokmorian flaying a stone giant alive and I shudder to think at the damage Aramon and Moffat would have taken if they’d not made their saves. As it stands we just have further confirmation that Mokmorian is a douche bag and needs to die.

There were two trolls hiding in a weird hallway created by hanging furs n’such. They used polearms to hit Calla (very nearly mortally as she fell to the floor unconscious after the first hit)as well as Moffat. Aaramon dumped a healing potion down the cleric’s throat and the two trolls were killed rather efficiently. Turns out one was even more retarded than usual as he was being paid quite literally in shiny rocks, but some decent loot was gained from the other.

The culmination of the night came when fighting a huge stone giant covered in glowing blue tattoos (no one speaks the inscribed language, but I assume they just spelled “Badass” over and over again upon his flesh). Turns out this guy could meld into the soil under foot and pop up at will. It should have been an amazingly ass battle (especially after learning that he gained fast healing while melded in such a way). But Cayden works in mysterious ways, and the enchanted anklet held by the paladin came to the rescue, turning the area into a giant mud pit, evicting the giant from his dirty home and forcing him out to be slain in short order.

However all of these combats took their toll on the heroes, depleted of spells and healing potential rest is required, but buried under ground in the middle of exceedingly hostile territory is not exactly the best place to rest.

Many a plan was tossed out for sleeping, but it turns out Galdor’s rope castle is probably the best route, with a stone shaped tucked away chamber to hide the rope the group can get their next wind and it shall be oneth like donkey kong… eth.

What new surprises might wait in store though?


LordCerigo LostPixie

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