The Land of Kinelthen

Lamia Please!

my kingdom for a naga...

Stumbling into some guards is never good, having one get away to raise a larger alarm is even worse, and yet that is what precisely what happened early on in the session. Granted it was probably bound to happen sooner or later, but the larger implications of this have yet to be seen. What nasty surprises now wait in store?

Pressing onward our heroes find themselves confronted by a pair of Lamia priestesses of the monster goddess. They seem to be a bit shirty about the death of their sister, and well, just kind of pissy in general really. The battle was long and drawn out. Ahhhh CALLA AND GALDOR ARE BLIND ….. AHHHHHH. Aramon briefly got squirrley and shot Morgan in the back, but what’s an arrow between compelled friends? There were so many mirror images in the room it looked like a badly run fun house (except you know, the opposite of fun).

Eventually the “ladies” fell and were summarily looted. Noticed a sacred snack chamber under the alter they were working at, contains all kinds of good stuff like a beautifully illustrated book discussing how to best torture someone (turns out its by cutting open the stomach, putting in a small but ravenous creature, and the healing the incision closed; not sure that its the kind of show that would go well with popcorn, but to each their own… except these guys, many much slayings required.)

Moving on the group found two dragons. What’s Mockmorian doing building an evil arc? Having been throughly brainwashed by the lamias there was no real choice but to slay or incapacitate them. Incapacitation is always the best route here as things tend to be marked with the sindherion rune and their deaths fuel the GreedLord Karzoug. Gah I hate that guy. But wait there’s more! Galdor the magnificent managed to drain the intelligence of one of the dragons to one leaving him essentially an animal. Can Aramon with his wild empathy come to an ‘understanding’ with this creature? Who knows, for now its onward and outward.


LordCerigo LostPixie

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