The Land of Kinelthen

It's Not the Size of the Girl in the Fight...

.. and assorted penis jokes.

Upon exiting their comfy rope trick castle the group quickly tried to progress deeper into The Pit. Down down down they go where they’ll stop nobody knows!… ok so pretty much 800 feet into a strange room which shifted oddly and appeared to have no edges or corners. Turns out the room was a trap and looking into it was enough to make Aramon hurl. Morgan rushed in only to shrink to a more Calla-esque size … as for the gnome she’s now rocking a one and a half foot four pound frame. How long this change will last no one is sure. Still it did not stop Morgan from cracking heads snicker causing the grotesquely scarred and clearly experimented upon giant to double over and vomit himself. His plight caused other male members of the party to wince, but eventually he was slain. The boys made their saves and kept their normal stature, prompting some suggestive size jokes from Morgan which while it made Jylne tilt her head amused Cayden enough to bestow a point of his favor upon the paladin.

In the next room sat an iron golem. After studying it closely it was decided that it was made by Mockmorian and not a Thalissonian relic. Knowing that such constructs are usually keyed to a command word or have specific triggers the group decided to disguise themselves as giants and saunter through (one of the original infiltration plans)and lo and behold it worked!

They next came upon a chilly hallway lined with giants in suits of armor and a headless non-horseman at the end. They tried to brazen their way through this room as well. Just being near the room was enough to make Morgan sick, and it was HER turn to heave and ho for awhile as Aramon carried her down the hallway, but luck was not with them and five of the suits animated and tried to lay the smack down upon the surrounded group. It was a bit touch and go for a moment. As always when the going gets tough the Galdor gets invisible and lobs fire at stuff! Aramon was forced to sawmill but he rallied and managed to draw the attention of the pestilence god.

The next room appeared to be some kind of relocated library, Galdor flew up to investigate stuff and was promptly turned to stone by what was CLEARLY a forgefiend! Walls of fire and a small paladin snack seem to be its favorite as it tried to separate the group and nom Morgan to death, but it was smoted by the pally and her ranger companion while Calla flew up to get Galdor and alleviate his hardness ( I TOLD you there would be penis jokes!).


LordCerigo LostPixie

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