The Land of Kinelthen

Another Point in History

Bitches need to find better places to live

So, a group of adventurers, a succubus, and a dead nymph walk into a shore side town …

… and it gets raided by formerly peaceful Stone Giants and a badass red dragon. Go figure.

Said adventurers fought off the attack on the town, but not without losses. Poor Shadowmist now roams the green fields above. The town itself sustained heavy damages, all but half of the church which was made of stone burned to the ground and many a whore died that day … oh and other people, not so Galdor would notice.

Riverpoint is determined to rebuild, despite being built near Thallisonian ruins of some kind (a pillar was the target of the giant leader) people seem inexplicably drawn to places like this.

After using Speak with Dead on some of the giant corpses the next day the party discovered the following information:

They attacked the town because they are told to by The Mighty Lord Mockmorian, Dark Giants of Old. They had formerly been peaceful but all of this changed with Mockmorian challenged and became clan leader. The elders did oppose him, safe to assume that the elders are either imprisoned or no more.
The dragon who took part in the raid is named Longtooth and he sleeps in the valley of the Black town in Jorgenmist near the Mushkal River, east of the Storval Stairs. The dragon has not had any dealing with the clan and only speaks with Mockmorian.
Mockmorian is often found going down to “the Library” (safe to assume Thalassonian related)in he heart of the Jorjenfist
There are “Six Clans Banded” in the valley though most go out on raids like the one this group was on, though they mainly take caravans this was the first town to be attacked.

After confering with the most unhelpful townspeople ever they group made up a rough map and set out to the Jorgenmist several weeks away.

Along the way they came across other campsites showing that there were other raiding parties in the area. Also found a giant body, two months old who had died from a Wyvren sting and was buried in a cairn of stones.

There was a skirmish with a group of orgres they were smacked down in the road.

After reaching the Storval Stairs the group discovered that there were Thalassonian murals depicting Karzoug the runelord of Greed, which the group heard mentioned before in the head at Thistletop.

Climbing the stairs proved a bit of an ordeal largely thanks to the stone giants standing at the top hucking rocks down. A might battle ensued, sadly Moffat fell in the combat but was brought back to life to fight another day. Frosty got all frigid during the combat and decided that Galdor would be a better owner, but was eventually won over by Aaramon again, its point made rather clearly.

Looting the area found some stuff, most of note being a jeweled crown, the Lost Crown of the Palagrives Clan which will likely need to be returned the dwarves at some point for major brownie points.

Also in the haul was a Mithril anklet, while it is not magical it is rather expensive bringing a a heafty 1k price tag. Instead of being sold Calla proposed that the party members interested in the item naked mud wrestle for ownership as this is a Cayden approved method of settling disputes. Both Morgan/Lorella and Aaramon the Destroyer stripped down and stepped into the new mud pit generously donated by the magical prowess of Galdor and Calla who watched with ill-disguised glee.

Spellcasters weren’t the only spectators to this mighty clash. An avatar of Cayden himself came to watch as the statuesque Morgan and the lithe minx Aaramon did battle in the mud. Though he was quick and bendy the ranger was no match for Morgan’s strength and determination, the first bit of mithril WOULD be hers!

Only Calla was short enough … and paying particular attention to such things to see the gratuitous ball cup which sent Aaramon reeling into the mud. All is fair in love and wrestling … as long as there is mud involved, to the second one not the first … well maybe to the first as well.

The party has much investigating to do and more Thallisonian ruins to explore, a region to save, an adventurers work is never done!


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